Remote Audio Playout

This is something new we launched in 2015. For quite a small relative fee you are able to receive CD quality audio via any internet connected device (laptop, desktop, tablet, even a cell phone) for an instant party at your house, or if you are on a tight budget, even a wedding venue. We can even help with the sound system on that side!

There are a variety of standard playlists to choose from, and if none suit your application, given some time, we can custom compile one for you.

We can even broadcast live from the remote venue. Maybe it’s for a store opening or a party, a fair or music event – who knows, this is how versatile this is. We can custom create a channel just for you and you can share the address with anyone you want to listen to your broadcast.

This could be for a wedding, home party, simple background music for a cocktail event, maybe even for a shopping centre or store. All you need is an internet connection and a sound system, which we can even help with.