Defensive Driving

Cameron Claassens has been an advanced driving instructor for 5 years (as at end 2014) and was trained by Johann Von Bargen (aka ECR Traffic Guy JVB) of Pro Driving Tactics. He has delivered many courses to various large companies such as RBM and UNILEVER SA who he travelled extensively for across SA. These companies are very strict and serious on their driver safety. Cameron is also a qualified Safety Officer (SAMTRAC – NOSA). Let him come and chat to you about implementing a driver safety education programme to empower employees to prevent collisions on a daily basis. This can be rolled out locally or nationally. After all less collisions mean less insurance claims, less money wasted, less employee absenteeism and less downtime, resulting in better productivity.

Cameron is able to instruct different types of Defensive Driving courses which offer information on collision prevention, driving style, and various safety tips. There is also skid control theory on what to do and how to control a vehicle in the event of a skid, as well as the different types of skids, the impact tyres play etc. Then there is Anti Hijacking which is an invaluable course for anyone today, especially women. And there is even something we can teach the kids in this course too!

The above can be done as separately or combined to suit your needs. We can take small and large groups (to be discussed). They can also be done as a theory and practical session.